[CentOS-devel] Ruby and Rails packaging effort

Tue Dec 6 17:06:04 UTC 2011
Anthony J Burton <ant at coshx.com>

I am working on getting Ruby and Rails working via RPMs on CentOS. It seems like much could be ported from Fedora, but that could very well be crazy talk on my part. We have a client who is using CentOS for whom we are delivering a working application, albeit with a lot of manual labor to get a working Ruby environment. Getting it working with RPM is part of the requirements and I'd like this to translate into a benefit for CentOS, if possible.

We're using fpm right now to package the application. I have built and maintained RPMs in the past but am unfamiliar with the peculiarities of legacy commitments in CentOS (i.e. Ruby+Rails is a fast moving target; CentOS implies more stability).

Any advice on getting this completed is welcomed.