[CentOS-devel] Incorrect info in .treeinfo file

Thu Dec 1 16:17:05 UTC 2011
James Hogarth <james.hogarth at gmail.com>

> Have you test with that line gone from .treeinfo ? Does the key still
> need to exist ? I suspect were going to break other apps by completely
> removing the key

Over this way things still appeared to work fine with that particular
line gone but honestly I haven't had time here to to exhaustive
multiple tests beyond pulp sync against a repo with that line gone and
some kickstart installs here with it gone.....

If you guys are already working through a similar issue in QA for 6.1
then let it be settled there and ignore the current mirrors for now -
I can work around it in my environment here so it isn't a significant
issue for me - just wanted to highlight it given that pointing to a
file that doesn't exist is naturally bad behaviour from general

Unfortunately I don't even have any upstream media here to confirm
what that says given that boot.iso was removed with 6.0 and is a 5.X

I do wonder what other apps might be reading it and how they are
behaving given the file doesn't exist.