[CentOS-devel] progress?

Mon Feb 21 17:43:01 UTC 2011
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 02/21/2011 05:39 PM, Steve Meyers wrote:
> If you're referring to the branding issues call for help, I was unable
> to help at that time, but I also had trouble understanding exactly what
> was needed.  There was a link to an Audit Status page on the wiki,
> without much explanation of what should be done with it.

When there is a bit of time, it would be interesting to see why it 
wasent clear - the questions were asked a few times, and we all went 
through a few iterations to workout how things could clear up. Quite a 
few people did get involved though. I am sure there will be plenty of 
opportunity for you to help as well :)

> Would it help to have someone in charge of organizing community
> involvement?  Someone who would take the time to ensure that there is
> enough documentation of how people can help?

that has been brought up a few times in the past as well, it might be 
something worth trying. Although that then creates another layer of 
abstraction between the people trying to get things done and the ones 
trying to help.

Having said that, over the next few months we are going to try and 
create more specific tasks, with tangible end points and try and see if 
that sort of a tasklist makes things easier for people to get involved 
with. The best thing is that the distro build isnt the only place people 
can help with.

- KB