[CentOS-devel] progress?

Tue Feb 22 08:27:18 UTC 2011
Andreas Kasenides <ank at cs.ucy.ac.cy>

Steve Meyers wrote:
> On 2/20/11 12:03 PM, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
>> I know i've already said that in that thread (but a lot of people have
>> 'echoed' their own answers too, right ?:-)  ) but i've had personally
>> the case where people were asking to 'help the project' and when they
>> were pointed to either improving the website, translate the wiki,
>> chasing after potential banding issues, etc, etc .. the only answer i've
>> got*multiple*  times was "no, i'm not interested in doing that : i just
>> want to rebuild packages" .. so each time it proved me that such people
>> aren't interested in helping the project as a whole, but instead just
>> want to focus on build issues. I'm really wondering (and still*my*
>> opinion) if those people are interested in CentOS as a project, or just
>> want to 'suck' some build scripts (which are just wrappers around
>> mock/plague as stated so much times in that thread) to produce their own
>> respins.
> Does rebuilding packages not count as helping the project?  If the 
> release speed is seen as the biggest problem with the project, why do 
> you assume ulterior motives for people who want to help out with the effort?
> For goodness sake, it's an open source project.  Who cares if the 
> occasional person wants to produce their own respin.

RH would!! Apparently!! If that occasional person develops to a more 
than "occasional".

I still stand behind my evaluation of the situation done here
Apparently the people behind CentOS are so intricately professionally 
related to RH that
CentOS exists because RH wants it to exist.
Working in the background RH reserves its options for the future.
As a corporation it evaluates the developing business environment
(ex. Oracle buying Sun, killing OpenSolaris etc etc) and and takes 
appropriate action.
Including making life harder for other corporations to compete. All 
these is perfectly
understandable. It may, though, mean that CentOS dies quite likely a 
similar death
to OpenSolaris. 

Andreas Kasenides

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