[CentOS-devel] progress?

Tue Feb 22 10:31:04 UTC 2011
Ljubomir Ljubojevic <office at plnet.rs>

Andreas Kasenides wrote:
>> Does rebuilding packages not count as helping the project?  If the 
>> release speed is seen as the biggest problem with the project, why do 
>> you assume ulterior motives for people who want to help out with the effort?
>> For goodness sake, it's an open source project.  Who cares if the 
>> occasional person wants to produce their own respin.
> RH would!! Apparently!! If that occasional person develops to a more 
> than "occasional".
> I still stand behind my evaluation of the situation done here
> https://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=29676&forum=14
> Apparently the people behind CentOS are so intricately professionally 
> related to RH that
> CentOS exists because RH wants it to exist.
> Working in the background RH reserves its options for the future.
> As a corporation it evaluates the developing business environment
> (ex. Oracle buying Sun, killing OpenSolaris etc etc) and and takes 
> appropriate action.
> Including making life harder for other corporations to compete. All 
> these is perfectly
> understandable. It may, though, mean that CentOS dies quite likely a 
> similar death
> to OpenSolaris. 
> Andreas Kasenides
That must be true in part where RH supports CentOS. That makes sense if 
you Look at RH as Open Source supporter, as well as good OSS business 
decision. They are in support business, at least with OS part.
Making sure that there is free version of their OS that can be easily 
converted to full RHEL, and that there is large user base happy with the 
product and learning on RHEL clone makes sure that RH will always have 
Even Microsoft testified in favor of illegal home user vs BSA because he 
did not want to frighten people into stop using Windows even illegally. 
If someone does not use your software home/outside the business, he also 
will not use it inside his business environment.

Looking from that perspective, CentOS will he around for many years to come.

This of course does not mean that RH can not create time-consuming 
problems to make sure that competition is always lagging behind to make 
sure mission critical systems have their payed support.

If that is necessary in order for me to use their huge R&D and HR 
potential for free, then I do not mind. This will make sure they have 
the money to keep developing the product I will be using for free.

If someone is not willing to accept this approach, if they want it now, 
then I advise them to pay for real thing, fully knowing that their 
narrow-mindness can not accept the fact that world is *not* revolving 
around their wishes. You can not stay virgin and have sex at the same 
time. Appearing to be is another matter.