[CentOS-devel] A new look for CentOS (was Re: Italian Translation Team)

Ralph Angenendt

ralph.angenendt at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 09:43:44 UTC 2011

On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 9:43 PM, Andrea Veri <av at gnome.org> wrote:
> The point now is: which kind of software should the main website use if
> the decision would be to give it a new look. Well, IMHO the best solution
> at the moment would be to use drupal, it's easy to use and it has anything
> needed to make a website rocking. (I've also been using it for a while and I
> can tell drupal is a great CMS software)

Not wanting to chase you away, this is probably best discussed on
centos-devel. There have been discussions and also a test machine for
getting the forums out of the main website (php-bb seemed the way to
go for that at the moment), because that has to be done before website

There hasn't been a real discussion or decision on which software the
main website should run on. Preferrably something which can be
"updated" easily, even more preferrably if it can be done so via
package management.

> The second point would be to setup a test istance with a CMS software on it
> to start working on the new website. (unfortunately i don't have any machine
> or host handy to run it)

That is where we can step in. At least a vm is possible.

But as said, this discussion should happen on the centos-devel mailing
list, I'll crosspost this mail there.



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