[CentOS-devel] Am I qualified to help?

Hubert Bahr

hab at hbahr.org
Wed Jan 5 20:32:16 UTC 2011

What qualifications does it take to help? 
In my case, I have been a linux contributer in various ways since 1992.  
I am a retired Computer Engineer.  I have a working RHEL-6 build 
cluster.  Personally, I do not believe in modifying  code/specs etc. 
unless I can personally perform a build to verify  correctness.  I can 
consistently provide 10hrs per week and on occasion up to 60Hr.  I did 
not step up during the initial request since I did not have my build 
cluster performing to my satisfaction.  Other conflicts also prevented 
me from committing to a scheduled amount of time. 

If you think I can help, please let me know how.

Hubert Bahr

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