[CentOS-devel] are there any chances to see finished CentOS6 in 2011?

Lamar Owen

lowen at pari.edu
Wed Jan 5 21:16:45 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, January 05, 2011 03:53:02 pm Charlie Brady wrote:
> On Wed, 5 Jan 2011, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> > The aim was to focus people's attention to the upstream beta, better 
> > product and that loop etc.
> I can't quite parse that sentence, but I think you are implying "yes"; it 
> was a conscious decision.

FWIW, I had no difficulty with Karanbir's sentence.  It's simple: the goal was for folks to test and use the upstream beta, since any and all bugs worked in that loop would trickle into the source rpms from which CentOS would be built.  While the rebuild itself, and the packaging, rebranding, etc, itself are not trivial tasks, they are much smaller than QA'ing the actual packages; since CentOS tries to be as close to upstream as possible it is a highly useful (to CentOS) activity to beta test the upstream distribution.  So as to not dilute that effort, work on the CentOS-specific parts (rebranding, etc) was intentionally delayed (as implied by the word 'aim' in his sentence).

At least that's how I parsed it.  I can do a full Reed-Kellogg diagram if you wish; taught English for eight years.

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