[CentOS-devel] irc meeting today re: 5.6/6.0

Manuel Wolfshant

wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro
Sat Jan 15 12:08:49 UTC 2011

On 01/15/2011 02:02 PM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic wrote:
> Karanbir Singh wrote:
>> hi guys,
>> Based on feedback, we seem to have general consensus that getting 5.6/
>> to mirrors first is the way to go. However, this does not mean that work
>> on 6.0 will stop, we will try and get the isos ready - but we might need
>> to give the mirrors a bit of a break before releasing those as well.
>> I'll get a timeline in place with details after the weekend.
>> thanks everyone for feedback on this issue
> I think a lot of people would also be happy with releasing .torrent's
> for C6 into the wild, at first for those of us monitoring this list
> eager to deploy C6, even if there are not much seeders. The number of
> people interested in this release will be great and many will become
> temporary seeders. I my self have 5Mbps of upload bandwidth. 20 of us
> can replace one 100Mbps seeder.
> This approach would circumvent a wait for mirrors to settle down, so if
> you find your self with ready ISO's please consider releasing .torrent's
> even without mirrors.
I have mixed feelings about having the info available via torrents but 
not on the mirrors themselves. I am not at all sure that a delay of 
3-4-5 days until mirrors are synced is worth the cries "why , oh why, is 
my beloved iso available only as torrent?"

But I am willing to seed at 2-3 Mbps myself, too.

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