[CentOS-devel] Status of CentOS 5 for the i586?

Fri Jun 3 04:10:23 UTC 2011
Cody Jackson <supertanker13 at gmail.com>

Hi all;

What's the status of the CentOS 5 for the i586 project?


I was experimenting with my AMD K6-II machine today. By following the
notes at http://wiki.centos.org/TimothyLee/centos5_i586_patch and the
link above, I managed to compile an i586 kernel and deploy it on the
K6 machine, which is now running C5 happily behind me with about 76MB
of RAM. I wrote down the steps I took and the problems I encountered,
which I need to organize a bit.

Is this information useful in any way? I know the K6 is *practically*
dead, but I'm sure there's a few diehards using it still. (Maybe three
or four?)

I'll be playing around with this machine a little more and
experimenting. It was a great learning experience.

Cody Jackson