[CentOS-devel] Why not a fusion between CentOS and SL?

Wed Mar 23 09:13:49 UTC 2011
carlopmart <carlopmart at gmail.com>

Hi all,

  Please, first of all, I don't want to start a flame about this 
subject. I only wnat to know CentOS's developers point of view about 
this particular.

  Due to the delays that occurs in the release of new CentOS's versions 
and patches, and because CentOS developers involved in these tasks may 
not have sufficient time to devote to it (and also make if freely and 
spending their time), and I think that has been much talk about the whys 
for users and developers:

  - Why not a distribution fusion between Scientific Linux and CentOS?

  - Why not join efforts in the development of a single Enterprise Linux 
solid distribution based on RHEL?

  I repeat: I only want to know your point of view.


CL Martinez
carlopmart {at} gmail {d0t} com