[CentOS-devel] please add vnconfig to minimal install CD

Fri Aug 17 22:00:39 UTC 2012
Ned Slider <ned at unixmail.co.uk>

On 17/08/12 22:45, Matthew Patton wrote:
> While I'm at it, a minimal system shouldn't be lacking the following IMO.
> bind-utils
> ntp
> nc
> man (the packages install all the manpages, so why not a way to read them?)
> wget

 From the docs:

"The aim of this disk is to install a CentOS 6.3 system which has a 
minimum of packages needed to have a functional system, with no 
compromise regarding security and fully network and yum aware."

Running 'yum install foo' immediately after install pretty much solves 
all of the above.

The minimal CD doesn't aim to be everything to everyone (the DVD does 
that), but rather a minimal set of packages designed to leave the user 
with a system with network and yum capability so they may then install 
the additional packages they require.

I'm sure we could all come up with a list of 5 "must have" packages that 
should go on the CD but then it won't be minimal any more will it?