[CentOS-devel] Test OpenStack Essex builds for CentOS

Nux! nux at li.nux.ro
Fri Sep 21 19:14:46 UTC 2012

On 16.09.2012 19:23, Nux! wrote:
> I created a Centos6 image that one can add to openstack:
> glance -v add name=centos6_64bit is_public=true disk_format=qcow2
> container_format=ovf
> copy_from=http://dl.nux.ro/openstack/centos6_64bit-openstack.qcow2
> root passwd is "password"
> selinux on
> iptables off
> ntp on
> swap is on, but minuscule as to avoid much I/O (64M, can be increased
> with e.g.: swapoff -a; fallocate -l512M /swap.IMG; mkswap /swap.IMG;
> swapon -a)
> epel-release installed and active
> console=ttyS0
> cloud-init installed and active
> size ~800 MB
> I'm going to try a more distributed setup next week and report back.
> Looking forward to Folsom tbh. :-)


I updated the said image as follows:
- root password has been changed to something very long and weird, 
please use the ssh key to access the machine
- I added a couple of scripts to perform the following:
              * resize the / (and only) partition to maximum
              * restore proper SELinux context on /root/.ssh/ (so key 
auth works)

The following remain unchanged:
- EPEL remains installed and active
- SELinux on
- iptables off
- ntp on
- console=ttyS0
- size ~800 MB

To add it in glance run:

glance add name=centos6_64bit_nux is_public=true disk_format=qcow2 

I'll try to get a 32 bit version over the weekend.

Feel free to reply with suggestions/comments/complaints/etc.

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