[CentOS-devel] another 6.4 gotcha

Sun Mar 3 20:24:48 UTC 2013
Joe Pruett <joey at q7.com>

On 2013-03-03 12:05, Nux! wrote:
> On 03.03.2013 19:21, Joe Pruett wrote:
>> something changed in the kvm audio subsystem, so a virt that was
>> suspended during shutdown wouldn't resume after reboot. the logs had
>> complaints of:
>> savevm: unsupported version 2 for 'hda-audio' v1
>> load of migration failed
>> i poked around on the rh bz site and found a few hits, but they seemed
>> to be related to older versions. i forced a clean boot of my vm and it
>> was happy.
> Sounds like expected behaviour to me; because the kvm in 6.4 is
> different in significant ways it's very problematic to resume. I would
> imagine live migration between the previous version in 6.3 and the one
> in 6.4 will also not work. This is not something new; this kind of stuff
> requires the exact same version of KVM when playing with the guest's
> memory.
> This is all very IMHO and AFAIK.

it wasn't a huge deal for me since it was just a windows 7 vm on my 
desktop, but i would be quite cranky about this on a server with lots of 
client vms. maybe they wouldn't have audio and thus be unaffected, but 
forcing a reboot of all guests to facilitate an upgrade of the host 
isn't very friendly of our upstream overlords.