[CentOS-devel] CentOS build/repo of MRG Realtime

Sat May 18 17:58:52 UTC 2013
Dmitry E. Mikhailov <d.mikhailov at infocommunications.ru>

On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 23:42 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 05/16/2013 08:34 PM, Dmitry E. Mikhailov wrote:
> >> Would you be able to help on that front ? Would anyone else ?
> > Sorry for the stupid question. How exactly can I help?
> > 
> > Roll the rpm and boot the kernel? What else?
> Thats basically it. When the builds come through, do whatever /
> something to make sure that they are still fit for purpose.
Let me try then.
I'm inexperienced with both the MRG kernel and it's userspace software
but I'd like to try.

> > P.S. I see a good use for the realtime kernel in conjunction with
> > Asterisk open source telephony software switch.
> Cool,
> We also need a bit of help running our CentOS.org asterisk service :)
I can roll out Asterisk with FreePBX frontend (requires MySQL database
and dedicated Apache* - it would be preferrably a dedicated VPS for it)

*Dedicated Apache - because Asterisk, FreePBX and Apache run from the
same user account.

FreePBX is a web/graphical frontend to Asterisk so after initial
installation an inexperienced sysadmin can do all the remaining basic
stuff like adding new accounts and with minimal effort reconfigure the

Public static IP address can save from many troubles if the system is to
be used all over the world.

I can roll it on the VPS on my own dedicated server but it's in the
middle of Russia so it's not the best choice latency wise.

ping ufaprom.ru
Anything over 150ms is bad if you don't want the conversation to be

Locating the server outside of American jurisdiction (and it's stupid
patent system) would allow the royalty-free use of the most advanced
audio codecs (like G.729 - only 8kbit/s!).

Best regards,
        Dmitry Mikhailov