[CentOS-devel] Feedback on centos 7 cloud image

Thu Aug 14 14:54:22 UTC 2014
Gabriele Cerami <gabriele.cerami at gmail.com>


I'm testing centos 7 latest cloud image on an openstack infrastructure,
using three networks.
I've noticed a couple of things:
- cloud init is not setting hostname permanently on the instance. After
  reboot it is again named "localhost"
- the first run of cloud init did not get any ip on eth0 (eth1 and eth2
  configured fine). After rebooting eth0 was successfully configured. I
  suspect that Network Manager is interfering with cloud-init. I don't
  know if it's a requirement but seems to me that in cloud instances
  network is anyway configured with other means than Network Manager.
  Don't know it it's useful to ship it with the cloud image.

performing some other tests, hope to get more feedback.