[CentOS-devel] Distribution Artwork and logos.

Tue Aug 12 17:09:41 UTC 2014
Tuomas Kuosmanen <tigert at redhat.com>

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> From: "Jim Perrin" <jperrin at centos.org>
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> Sent: Tuesday, August 12, 2014 5:06:18 PM
> Subject: [CentOS-devel] Distribution Artwork and logos.
> The two possible layouts I have in mind are:
> 1. exploded directory structure for the various source tarballs related
> to distro artwork such as centos-logos.
> 2. Named directory structures for the various image types.
> logos/{svg,png}, desktop/<resolution>/png, etc.

I am leaning towards splitting things up into separate repositories or folders, maybe?

1. CentOS visual identity and logos have the authoritative source 
   files and colors etc defined in a separate repository, in SVG 
   format and perhaps certain bitmaps for most common uses. These files
   are used for everything: distro artwork and any other promotional

   | I would keep this small, clear and logical so it's easy to |
   | point people to the official logo files.                   |

2. CentOS distro graphics, things that Alain has been working on.

   Maybe these should be organized per release, because things might
   change between them, and scripts can evolve over time. These
   folders would contain any release-specific artwork like wallpapers 
   and the motifs that might be used by the scripts. Also some files
   might be just there as-is (like a custom wallpaper etc), while
   others will be rendered by the scripts - depends on the case.

3. CentOS promotional material repository, tshirts, stickers and
   everything else.

By splitting these up we can avoid pointing people into a huge repository
with a lot of files, which is confusing, takes more time to clone, and 
can lead to people using the wrong graphics even.

I will need to think a bit to ponder the structure of each repository, 
but my initial hunch is that it would make sense to split them by use:

promotional -> brochures -> centos_for_the_win/
promotional -> t-shirt -> 10-years/
distribution -> seven -> common/flowertexture.png
distribution -> seven -> installer

But lets see. We can of course do something first and change things when
we realize it doesnt work :-)