[CentOS-devel] interest in Cloud Instance SIG (from the Synnefo and Ganeti side)

Thu Feb 20 19:26:45 UTC 2014
Manuel Wolfshant <wolfy at nobugconsulting.ro>

On 20 februarie 2014 20:31:35 EET, Nux! <nux at li.nux.ro> wrote:
>On 20.02.2014 16:54, Manuel Wolfshant wrote:
>> On 02/20/2014 04:55 PM, Constantinos Venetsanopoulos wrote:
>>> Hello Manuel, Tru,
>>> first of all thanks for the quick replies.
>>> See comments inline.
>>     I have attached a revised version of the kickstart. This time it
>> really does not install the firmware for Wi-Fi and other exotic cards
>> and the partitioning is adjusted as discussed (one /boot, one / which
>> spawns all disk ( remove --grow if this is not intended ) and no
>> swap).
>>     I have also modified vda into sda in the %post section, I assume
>> that if sda is used at install time it's also what should get tuned.
>If this is targeting KVM specifically then I'd look also at other 
>1. leave swap out - I understand this is done already
Correct. There is no swap.

>2. wipe out the SSH keys, the random seed, 
Right after install there are no keys and seed. All these get created when the sshd service is started for the first time

>optionally touch 
>/.autorelabel to force a selinux relabel upon next boot (this takes a 
>time and cpu)
AFAIK, right after install all labels should be correct

>3. install tuned with virtual-guest profile
That can be done, if needed.

>4. disable tso and gso on the virtual nic 
That can be done,too

>and wipe out 
Already done

>5. run ntp & ntpdate
Already done

>6. enable serial tty for `virsh console` access if needed
That can be done,too

>Most of the above I do in the following ks for cloudstack