[CentOS-devel] Interest in a 32bit tree of the upcoming CentOS7?

Thu Jan 9 17:37:49 UTC 2014
Andreas Thienemann <andreas at bawue.net>


I'm in the process of building myself a 32bit tree of the RHEL7 beta as 
I do have a few x86 machines I am not ready to retire yet.

Now that CentOS is all open and community etc. I was wondering if 
there'd be some interest for me to rebuild the results within the CentOS 
project and turn it into an official release long term.
My unfinished work so far is based on an older RHEL5 buildsystem I still 
had lying around but I am happy to switch this to the CentOS toolstack 
if there's interest.
This would mean filing off the serials, removing trademarks and all 
these things which I hadn't planned on doing initially but on the other 
hand, it should be very easy doing that benefitting from the regular 
CentOS work on these topics.

Is anyone else interested in a i[36]86 build of CentOS7 and would be 
willing and able to contribute to it?
Or is x86_64 the only release really needed?

If there's some interest, I am sure this could be turned into a nice