[CentOS-devel] Interest in a 32bit tree of the upcoming CentOS7?

Thu Jan 9 18:46:36 UTC 2014
Dan Porter <dpreid at gmail.com>

I would personally be interested in this project.  I had to maintain a
variation of CentOS 6 at one of my previous jobs and there was a particular
need for a 32-bit version (although today with EL7 they can run 32-bit
applications under a 64-bit host)

A local hackerspace here utilizes embedded x86 machines currently with
CentOS 5 for their core routing environment.  The main web frontend is also
a 32-bit host running CentOS 6.

I would be happy to test / contribute to an i[36]86 branch of CentOS.  I
can also provide mirroring of any test tree.

On 9 January 2014 17:37, Andreas Thienemann <andreas at bawue.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm in the process of building myself a 32bit tree of the RHEL7 beta as
> I do have a few x86 machines I am not ready to retire yet.
> Now that CentOS is all open and community etc. I was wondering if
> there'd be some interest for me to rebuild the results within the CentOS
> project and turn it into an official release long term.
> My unfinished work so far is based on an older RHEL5 buildsystem I still
> had lying around but I am happy to switch this to the CentOS toolstack
> if there's interest.
> This would mean filing off the serials, removing trademarks and all
> these things which I hadn't planned on doing initially but on the other
> hand, it should be very easy doing that benefitting from the regular
> CentOS work on these topics.
> Is anyone else interested in a i[36]86 build of CentOS7 and would be
> willing and able to contribute to it?
> Or is x86_64 the only release really needed?
> If there's some interest, I am sure this could be turned into a nice
> project.
> cheers,
>   Andreas
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