[CentOS-devel] Interest in a 32bit tree of the upcoming CentOS7?

Thu Jan 9 23:38:03 UTC 2014
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

On 01/09/2014 05:37 PM, Andreas Thienemann wrote:
> Is anyone else interested in a i[36]86 build of CentOS7 and would be 
> willing and able to contribute to it?
> Or is x86_64 the only release really needed?
> If there's some interest, I am sure this could be turned into a nice 
> project.

Thanks Andreas,

there is one rather large giant in the room : almost a third of the
CentOS userbase hits the i686 tree. Ofcourse, just like any other
statistic that could mean quite a lot, or nothing at all.

Having said that, there is a large multilib component in the x86_64
distro - while I havent looked as yet for specific numbers and packages,
it seems we might need to build large chunks of i686 to satisfy those
builds anyway ( stress on not-been-quantified-yet ).

ofcourse making things interesting are things like redhat-rpm-config
with a hardwired -mx86_64 :)

Over the coming days, i will try and make this effort easier for
everyone and also setup something that allows us all to pool resources
in. Stay tuned :)

btw. while everyone stays 'tuned' - it might be worth pondering how much
i686 patch coverage we might expect from upstream. We might be able to
build this once, will we be able to keep it going trivially, painfully,

Its the same question and scope ( but lesser depth ) for the powerpc

- KB

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