[CentOS-devel] updateinfo.xml data for CentOS repositories

Fri Jan 10 18:44:02 UTC 2014
Shatil Rafiullah <srafiullah at twopensource.com>

Hi all,

Could we revisit the missing updateinfo.xml in CentOS repos?

A previous post
mentioned it's difficult to get ahold of this data, but there have
been developments since then.

The Scientific Linux project publishes this data without issue, thanks
to work done by OpenSUSE
(http://lists.baseurl.org/pipermail/yum/2008-April/021802.html) and
Oracle (https://blogs.oracle.com/linux/entry/updates_to_errata_on_uln)

I'd love to get updateinfo.xml (or updateinfo.xml.gz) from CentOS
rather than rely on another project, and I'm happy to contribute to
making this happen.

Shatil (@shatil)