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Fri Jan 17 17:37:16 UTC 2014
Pete Travis <lists at petetravis.com>

On Jan 17, 2014 6:43 AM, "Zachary Oglesby" <zach at oglesby.co> wrote:
> > On 01/10/2014 05:22 PM, Philip Mather wrote:
> >> Has there been any interest or progress in the suggested Documentation
> >>
> >
> > Is this proposal to 'write more docs' or
> >
> > Is it more of a religious 'everyone should write more docs, we will
> create resources, make it easier' etc ?
> >
> > step1, lets define the problem :)
> >
> > - K
> Having worked on Fedora Docs for many years I would like to make a
suggestion that the same model is followed, just in reverse. Many Red Hat
docs start as Fedora Documentation and are tweaked to fit RH products.
CentOS can use the RH docs as a base and remove the unneeded content. While
it will not provide everything CentOS needs for documentation a lot of good
content has already been written as in licensed so that it can be reused
(CC BY-SA 3.0).
> I may be making an incorrect assumption, but it is worth mentioning.

I also contribute to Fedora Docs and am very interested to see how the
CentOS documentation effort develops.  The changes coming in EL7 especially
give a base for common cause.  I'm confident that open communication and a
collaborative relationship between the two groups would be mutually

I'll send a separate mail to the centos-docs and docs at fp.o lists on the
subject soon.

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