[CentOS-devel] Cloud-Infra SIG creation request

Fri Jan 10 13:07:43 UTC 2014
Doron Fediuck <dfediuck at redhat.com>

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> From: "Mike Burns" <mburns at redhat.com>
> To: centos-devel at centos.org
> Cc: "Rich Bowen" <rbowen at redhat.com>, "Dave Neary" <dneary at redhat.com>, kbsingh at redhat.com
> Sent: Wednesday, January 8, 2014 11:54:17 PM
> Subject: Cloud-Infra SIG creation request
> We're looking to create an easy to use distribution of RDO/OpenStack
> built on CentOS.  Our understanding is that we need to first create a
> SIG and then we're able to create 1 or more variants.
> What we'd like to do:
> * Provide all the dependencies that are either not in base CentOS or are
> too old in the base CentOS in a single location (maybe a distinct yum repo)
> * Be able to build and sign packages needed to run RDO/OpenStack within
> the CentOS infrastructure
> * Be able to generate a LiveCD in the CentOS infrastructure that allows
> people to get up and running quickly.
> * Provide Install media for people that do not want to use a LiveCD.
> It may make sense to create the Cloud Infra sig for this and use that
> going forward.
> Any suggestions or questions so we can move forward on this?
> Thanks
> Mike Burns on behalf of The RDO Team

Hi guys,
on behalf of the oVirt project, happy to join the community and we'll
be happy to help where possible.

We're looking forward to assist with oVirt support as well. We have some
CentOS fans in the oVirt community, so this should make everyone happy.

- Currently we have our live oVirt [1] built using CentOS. So
  having you guys reviewing it would be beneficial.

- For the standard el platform, we need some help with dependencies.
  Here's a short list which we would like to see go in over & above 6.5

  * qemu-kvm compiled with RHEV flags
  * Support of librbd, libgfapi in qemu-kvm & libvirt, including sanlock &
    kernel modules
  * Network namespaces, VXLAN, GRE support in the IP stack (kernel through
    iproute, dnsmasq, etc)
  * The cloud-init version being used in RHEL 6.5.
  * Support of cgroups
  * selinux policies
  * Anything else you may be aware of.

We'll probably find some more things on the way, but this would be a good start ;)

Any suggestions from your side or things you'd like help with?

Doron Fediuck

[1] http://wiki.ovirt.org/OVirt_Live#oVirt-Live-1.1.iso_-_Oct_14th_2013