[CentOS-devel] NethServer as CentOS Variant and SME SIG Proposal

Sun Jan 12 16:30:19 UTC 2014
Filippo Carletti <filippo.carletti at gmail.com>

> One other thought. I had mentioned a 'Server Management' SIG in the other
> thread where I suggest a CentOS variant based on our work at
> ClearFoundation. I would love to work with Alessio, the NethServer team and
> any other similar project in this space.

I'm glad to read this, I'd like to work on (at least) two areas:
1. CentOS as a distro for SOHO and SME
2. Server management infrastructure

[While writing this reply, I read the whole thread, we share terminology.]

For me, server management is "using the browser to quickly modify
system configuration hiding complexity", while infrastructure is "to
have tools to rapidly manage systems".
There's overlap with every use case that deploys more than a few servers.

We've already explored Puppet, we need more and we're willing to work
on this area.