[CentOS-devel] NethServer as CentOS Variant and SME SIG Proposal

Sun Jan 12 16:05:22 UTC 2014
Filippo Carletti <filippo.carletti at gmail.com>

>> NethServer is for the sysadmin who appreciates the effectiveness of a
>> user interface

> The Clear folks have proposed a SIG/Variant as well that on the surface
> sounds somewhat similar. Is there overlap here, where
> cooperation/coordination between the two groups would be beneficial?

Yes, collaboration between NethServer and ClearOS would be a win-win situation.
I'm not up to date on ClearOS (I'm the CTO of NethServer), but I think
that our work overlaps on many areas.

> Where does this code live currently? is it available via git or similar?

git repo at http://code.nethesis.it/ or on github (https://github.com/nethesis)

> Are these packaged in rpm or handled via some other installation method?

rpm and yum groups, ie you install nethserver-firewall-base which
requires shorewall.
nethserver-firewall-base contains shorewall config with a web user
interface (I'm simplifying a bit, but to dive into details there's
developer doc material on dev.nethesis.it).

>> We’ll be at Brussels Dojo and FOSDEM and we'd love to discuss directly

> Certainly. Please stop by and we can discuss in a bit more detail.

Great. But we can still talk on this list and/or on hangout.