[CentOS-devel] RFC: Alternative Desktop SIG

Wed Jul 9 19:30:05 UTC 2014
Kevin Fenzi <kevin at scrye.com>

On Wed, 9 Jul 2014 21:00:45 +0200
Anders F Björklund <afb at users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> Hi, I am interested in getting the Xfce desktop "supported" for
> CentOS.


> Including working with upstream (Xfce and Fedora/EPEL), filing bugs
> and improving the packaging - seems like they were mostly dumped...

dumped? I've not really seen many if any bugs on epel5 xfce packages... 

> The 4.6 Xfce in EPEL 5 was less polished than 4.4 in CentOS 5 Extras.
> For instance, the whole group (Xfce) is missing from the EPEL comps ?

Odd. I thought i had updated that. 
> I can do rpm packaging, spec file creation/editing and mock building.
> I don't use any of the other minority or retro desktop environments,
> like LXDE or MATE/Trinity, so "just" the GTK+-based desktop of Xfce.
> Think it's around 50-100 packages (mandatory-optional) for CentOS 5-7.
> With EPEL 7 still in beta, and no (or not many) Xfce packages being
> built so far - I decided to see how far off it was, by using Fedora.
> Not very, it turned out... It already runs (!), with some minor things
> like ConsoleKit/systemd and udisks/udisks2, with the .fc18 packages.

nonamedotc at fedoraproject.org has been heading this effort on the epel7
side. He's been building things in copr first and testing them before
building in epel. We have the base/core packages aready branched. 

> The first step would be to rebuild "@xfce-desktop" properly for .el7,

Please coordinate with nonamedotc? Or do you intend to just copy this
into a seperate repo?

> next step is apps (midori/claws-mail/etc) and office
> (abiword/gnumeric). Or possibly just ignore those for now and use
> Mozilla and LibreOffice ? I also had some ideas about the default
> theme for icons and background.
> Details at: http://afb.users.sourceforge.net/xfce/xfce-desktop.html

great. ;) 

More help the better... 

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