[CentOS-devel] RFC: Alternative Desktop SIG

Wed Jul 9 19:33:55 UTC 2014
Anders F Björklund <afb at users.sourceforge.net>

Stephen John Smoogen wrote:

> With EPEL 7 still in beta, and no (or not many) Xfce packages being
> built so far - I decided to see how far off it was, by using Fedora.
> Not very, it turned out... It already runs (!), with some minor things
> like ConsoleKit/systemd and udisks/udisks2, with the .fc18 packages.
> The first step would be to rebuild "@xfce-desktop" properly for .el7,
> next step is apps (midori/claws-mail/etc) and office (abiword/gnumeric).
> Or possibly just ignore those for now and use Mozilla and LibreOffice ?
> I also had some ideas about the default theme for icons and background.
> Details at: http://afb.users.sourceforge.net/xfce/xfce-desktop.html
> Cool and thank you. I had this listed as my weekend project this week because someone wanted a working XFCE spin. If there is anyway I can help on this let me know.

Basically "we" need to rebuild all the packages in the "xfce-desktop" comps,
including their build requirements. Some are in CentOS, some from Fedora.
I don't know of the maintainer status or the build status in EPEL, but someone
made a "epel7" branch (no idea why it wasn't called "el7", like "el5" and "el6")

Think I "only" have 60 .fc18 packages now, including Leafpad and Ristretto.

And add some packages for "gnome-colors-icon-theme" and make a new
"arc-colors-background-theme". I included a dark theme too, for reference.
The original GNOME theme works for the login screen / display manager,
but I don't think it works for the background (it's "too bright", or "too dark") ?

Packaging Thunderbird needs to be done, but that's hardly for Xfce only...


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