[CentOS-devel] Centos 7 VS Gnome 3

Mon Mar 10 17:13:17 UTC 2014
Johnny Hughes <johnny at centos.org>

On 03/07/2014 05:27 PM, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 6:27 PM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Fri, Mar 7, 2014 at 10:59 AM, Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs> wrote:
>>>>> RH seems, in their wisdom, to have settled on Gnome3 or KDE. As far as I
>>>>> can see, they aren't offering any other desktop environments.
>>>>> I can't stand Gnome3, and don't care a whole lot for KDE 4.x, though it
>>>>> doesn't irritate me the way Gnome 3 does.
>>>> Another issue is that Gnome3 needs 3D and does not work with x2go (and
>>>> probably freenx/nx  if that is going to be packaged).   And I almost
>>>> never work directly at a console.   KDE seems to mostly work, but it
>>>> is annoying to have to switch after all these years of RedHat pushing
>>>> GNOME.
>>> Is GNOME 2 for CentOS 7 totally out of the picture?
>> I'd hate to try to package something like that in a way that would
>> satisfy the rpm dependencies without conflicts.   There should be some
>> sort of classic mode or flashback that works in 2D but I don't think
>> either is included now.
> Why none is writing about Cinnamon?
> I say it because annoyed by gnome 3 consumption of cpu and gpu
> resources (and sometimes needing to "kill -SIGHUP" gnome-shell because
> freezed, especially when using rdp sessions..) I'm happily using
> Cinnamon in both Fedora 19 and Fedora 20 since one month.
> It is in my opinion a perfect compromise: completely integrated with
> dbus and notifications, networkmanager and many other things.
> I tried in the recent past both xfce and mate and also if they are
> both very good, my fully personal vote at this moment goes to
> Cinnamon.
> I think that it should not be too complicated to package it for RHEL 7
> and/or CentOS 7.
> Not yet tested RH EL 7 beta at all, but I'm going to try and to see
> how difficult could be to build Cinnamon source rpm coming from fedora

The issue with this (or any other RPM set from Fedora or elsewhere) is
not getting it initially working with EL7 ... it is making it continue
to work with EL7 over the lifetime of the distro.

Security issues are a very big potential problem and if we can not get
someone from the upstream projects (Fedora, EPEL, Mate-Desktop,
Cinnamon) to commit to maintaining security then we have to commit the
resources to make that happen inside the SIG.

I have no issues with either one (Mate or Cinnamon) or even both .. but
as CentOS-7 becomes older, those projects (at the upstream level) are
going to move on to the latest xorg versions, and this is going to
become harder to maintain.  I think that it is therefore in the best
interest of the project to pick one or the other initially to maintain. 
If we have enough interest in both, with enough people (with the skills
required) to maintain both, that is great as well.

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