[CentOS-devel] [NFV SIG][CBS]Understanding a bit more the NFV SIG builds and repos

Brian Stinson brian at bstinson.com
Sat Aug 1 17:32:46 UTC 2015

On Aug 01 10:15, Joseph Gasparakis wrote:
> Hi all,
> I finally put some time aside to move forward with building RPMs for DPDK 
> 2.0 for the CentOS NFV SIG.
> In particular, I used pretty much the same spec file from Red Hat (made 
> sure the RPM release matches what CBS expects for release) and I created 
> package dpdk-2.0.0-1.el7.centos with buildID 1476.


> I am guessing I really should have built dpdk-2.0.0-8.el7.centos as I have 
> kept all the changelog intact which goes up to number 8, and also keep it 
> in sync with the Red Hat version? Any comments on that?

That's up to you, but it would be less confusing if the
name-version-release matches what's in the changelogs.

> Then my next question is that I noticed that following my successful 
> build, kojira created task 16722 in order to create a new repo, which 
> makes sense. According to that, since my RPM has tag 
> nfv7-common-el7-build the dpdk rpm should apear on centos7-updates 
> external repo, right? Following to this (and if I am right so far) 
> shouldn't there be a specific repo for NFV SIG instead of centos7-updates 
> which is a standard external repo?

There is a specific repo for each tag in koji. When you build in
nvf7-common-el7-build, the packages automatically come out the other end
in the koji tag: nfv7-common-candidate. You can find all the repos here: 

Generally the workflow once the packages are built:
- Do general smoke tests on the packages from the -candidate repo
- `koji tag-pkg` the build into nfv7-common-testing
- Do more testing from the nvf7-common-testing repo, once you're happy:
- `koji tag-pkg` the build into nfv7-common-release for signing and

> I have some more questions, but I will pause here if someone could shed 
> some lights, that would be great.

Keep them coming! 

> Thanks
> Joseph


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