[CentOS-devel] [Introduction] Social Media Policies for CentOS

Brian Proffitt bkp at redhat.com
Thu Aug 13 13:09:36 UTC 2015

On 08/12/2015 10:37 AM, Carl Trieloff wrote:
> My main question is how do we make the project more influential by using
> this channel.
> Carl

My ideas on this are pretty straightforward: establish CentOS and its
community as a "thought leader" in a given aspect of technology by using
the social media channels to amplify that. Say the Board (or social
media committee or whatever ends up happening) decides CentOS should be
recognized as a leader in cloud-based servers*, because that's where the
community's expertise lies.

In that scenario, when stories/blogs appear in the ether about
cloud-based servers, members of the community could point to it on the
CentOS social media channels and perhaps make a comment. Over time, the
CentOS community will become recognized for this expertise, and people
will seek out CentOS community members for advice/help in this area and
CentOS the software becomes more attractive for the same reasons.

This should not be done as a firehose of aggregated content, and there
should be original content on a CentOS blog/blog network to back this up.

That is the approach I find works best for influence. Other
suggestions/comments welcome.

> On 08/12/2015 08:27 AM, Jim Perrin wrote:
>> So,
>> A couple questions here:
>> 1. Are there equivalent guidelines for projects like Fedora, oVirt,
>> KDE,etc to review/compare against?
>> 2. Question for the community-at-large, who else would be interested in
>> participating?


*As just one example of I am sure of many.



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