[CentOS-devel] Congratulations for selection in GSOC-2015

Karsten Wade

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Tue Mar 3 19:07:50 UTC 2015

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On 03/03/2015 05:09 AM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 03/02/2015 08:04 PM, Karsten Wade wrote:
>> On 03/02/2015 11:21 AM, Saket Sinha wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I will like to congratulate the  Centos Team  for getting
>>> selected in GSOC 2015. Looking forward to work with them this
>>> summer.
>>> I have gone through the ideas listed on the centos ideas page
>>> and i am interested in working on "Rootfs build factory".
>>> http://wiki.centos.org/GSoC/2015/Ideas#rootfs-build-factory
>> Thanks, much appreciated!
>> Also, glad to see you are following the getting involved
>> process.
>> Heads up to the mailing list here that we are going to be having 
>> increased discussions now between mentors and students on this
>> mailing list. We're going to use the centos-gsoc@ mailing list
>> mainly for administrivia. All the developer discussions should
>> circle around this list and/or #centos-devel on Freenode.
> Just to be clear here, you meant that the centos-gsoc[1] list was
> going to be used for the GSoC specific content and the gsocadmin[2]
> list was for the adminstration stuff right ? Thats what we say on
> the wiki pages[3] and thats my understanding on how things are
> setup.
> Lets not move the gsoc specific content to centos-devel if we dont
> need to.

I think we're saying the same thing. Does this align?

* If it's administrivia about how GSoC runs in the project,
discussions on dates & timing, announcements that specific deadlines
are approaching, etc. == centos-gsoc@

* If it's about developing code, working with the community,
integrating with upstream and across the ecosystem, etc. == centos-devel@

Goal being to keep the GSoC-specific noise off this list, but keep all
CentOS development on this list. GSoC students are generally
considered to be actively developing for the project (as new
contributors), so should be using all the usual communication channels.

If I don't have that right, let me know the concern.

> The wiki also talks about a centos-gsoc-mentors at centos.org list,
> which does not exist. And I dont see any requests for it, do we
> want to skip that and just use the gsocadmin list for the same
> scope instead ?

We need a private list for the mentors/admins, as we have to have
frank/honest discussions about students that should not be public. I
forgot the list didn't exist/got the name wrong, so I can request it,
or we can (re)use centos-gsocadmin. (There is no need for
administrators to have a list separate from mentors, the best practice
is to have mentors + admins all in the same private pool for those

>> Over the next few days we'll be getting the mentors to join via
>> the GSoC web app, and quickly spin up how things are going to
>> work. We have a long lead time between now and the summer so that
>> students can write up good proposals with mentors' help, and have
>> time to get to know each other as individuals and a group before
>> the summer coding season kicks off.
> I'm also going to start reaching out to all the mentors to make
> sure we have scope and integration points consolidated for all the
> efforts that ramp up, and make sure we're all integrating,
> deliverying code etc in a single process ( and finally, make sure
> that the work scope is relevant for a 3 month dev cycle ).


By my above, I'd expect those discussions on this list.

Also, mentors need to sign up at google-melange.com and get connected
to the project, but I'll handle reaching out to them to do that.

Finally, if /anyone/ wants to be a mentor but not assigned to a
student directly, we can always use help reviewing application
proposals. The goal is to help students write good proposals so we are
sifting through silver looking for gold (rather than sifting through
dirt looking for silver.)

> ref: 1) http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-gsoc 2)
> http://lists.centos.org/mailman/listinfo/centos-gsocadmin 3)
> http://wiki.centos.org/GSoC/HowToApply

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