[CentOS-devel] Intent to participate to a ppc64le beta test

Takashi Ohsawa

bodtz.bigdad at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 23:53:55 UTC 2015


We are using CentOS on x86 server to our system.

I appreciate your contribution in CentOS community. Your cooperation is
really helping our system infrastructure.

We are evaluating the new server of OpenPOWER community.
We can find the technology innovation in this community, such as fast I/O
accelerator, fast GPGPU.  We would like to use CentOS on OpenPOWER because
our skill and some operation tools are optimized on CentOS.

I would like to contribute of evaluation CentOS ppc64le beta build when we
can use it.

-- Takashi Ohsawa --
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