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Rich Bowen

rbowen at redhat.com
Mon Aug 29 20:40:41 UTC 2016

On 08/24/2016 08:49 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 18/08/16 18:03, Rich Bowen wrote:
>> So, I guess I'm asking if people still think it's valuable, and will try
>> to carve out a little time for this each week. Or as was suggested in
>> the meeting, should we attempt to merge the two meetings in some
>> meaningful way, until such time as other Cloud Software communities see
>> a benefit in participating?
> As we saw last week with the tripleO issues, its quite important we not
> only retain this meeting, but also bring all interfaces from the RDO
> side into the CentOS project to this meeting. At the very least, the
> Cloud SIG's usage of resources ( and interfaces to/from cbs.centos.org /
> ci.centos.org / buildlogs.centos.org and the mirror network ) should be
> talked through at the meeting.
> At this point its all done via arbitrary pings on irc, emails etc - and
> while this is ok for emergency work, the regular stuff should be brought
> to the SIG meeting.
> Secondly, not having this meeting means there is no way for the other
> SIG's to interface with the group - its taking a long time, as an
> example, to sort out what is needed and what the process might be for
> the Power8le builds for RDO to kick off; similarly as folks request deps
> on other SIG content ( ceph as an example ) - we still need a place
> focus those conversations and I think it makes far more sense to do that
> in the Cloud SIG meeting rather than a RDO meeting, since it works both
> ways.
> So, I think the question that there is no other cloud community working
> with the Cloud SIG, is actually a wrong question. The question should
> be, is RDO doing anything that anyone else in the ecosystem needs to
> care about - and is anyone else in the ecosystem doing anything that RDO
> should care about ? Then work that back through to also include, does
> RDO do anything that the CentOS Project interfaces with.

Well, ok, but when we have these meetings, it's a few RDO people talking
to one another, with rare exceptions.

The consensus on the RDO mailing list is that folks aren't interested in
attending another meeting in which the same things are rehashed.

So, I guess I need help 1) figuring out what the agenda for this meeting
actually is and 2) getting people to actually show up for it. If 1)
we're discussing the wrong things and 2) nobody's there, it doesn't seem
like a valuable way to spend anyone's time.


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