[CentOS-devel] Update on status of CentOS Community Container Pipeline

Bamacharan Kundu

bamachrn at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 16:16:30 UTC 2016

  Here is an update on the recent works done in CentOS Community
Container Pipeline
   * We got weekly scan in place for images in registry.cenots.org
   * Vert.X stack for eclipse che is now setup.
   * registry.centos.org is now running in NFS to handle large number of
   * Rabbitmq is now available from registry.centos.org
   * keycloak-postgres is setup to run in openshift
   * Bayesian dependencies are now available from registry.centos.org
   * Jenkins is now polling the proper branch of git repo to track the
changes and rebuild images.

Our current focus of work are:
  * Setting up openshift node cluster for scaling up build speed
  * Putting checks in pipeline to avoid cyclic dependency
  * We are also focusing to solve the issues with build worker to
continuously building the images.

Bamacharan Kundu

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