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Phil Wyett

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Fri Dec 16 00:25:56 UTC 2016


I look around and see very little documentation of what the core SIG and
other SIGs for that matter as to what they are doing and how they wish
to help and bring people into the dev process.

Note: I emailed the list about the paris meeting days and Karanbir said
info would come out. None has come out, so when?

The CentOS wiki is outdated and only allowed to be edited if you get
access to do so if you carry good grace.

It is time we start changing and as the project/community speeds up and
diversifies with what they use CentOS for, is the leadership to move
with that and maybe add more people, document those people as in what
they do so we know points of contact and how people can contribute.

At the moment if you look at list traffic, we seem to cover the same
issues and if you use IRC, the Core SIG is all about Cloud.

Can we have a public discussion about CentOS structure, Core, Other SIGs
- What are the goals of CentOS?




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