[CentOS-devel] [Ceph] urgently seeking co-maintainers

Giulio Fidente

gfidente at fedoraproject.org
Wed Dec 21 20:38:53 UTC 2016

On 12/14/2016 05:15 PM, François Cami wrote:
> Hi,
> The Ceph Storage SIG has so far published two releases based on Jewel
> (10.2) and Hammer (0.94). I'm currently traveling too much to do any
> meaningful work towards keeping either of these up to date, so that
> sharing both the load and knowledge required to keep the SIG going has
> become quite mandatory. The rather painful alternative at this point
> is to close the Ceph Storage SIG due to lack of maintenance.
> The most urgent issue is related to 7.3 and Hammer:
> https://github.com/CentOS-Storage-SIG/centos-release-ceph-hammer/issues/2
> though keeping Jewel up-to-date is also quite urgent.
> Without further ado, would any of you be willing to co-maintain Ceph
> and its dependencies?
> Ideal applicants would need to have some git, koji/cbs and packaging
> experience as I cannot mentor at this time.

hi Francois,

thanks for the amazing work you're already doing.

I think I only have two of the above requirements, but I'd be happy to 
help. Can we get in touch on IRC with Thomas too and see if/how I can be 
Giulio Fidente

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