[CentOS-devel] SIG Proposal - High performance computing (HPC) SIG

Sun Apr 23 12:09:55 UTC 2017
Ondřej Vašík <ovasik at redhat.com>


I would like to propose start of High performance computing (HPC) SIG. I
see it already mentioned on https://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup
among Future SIGs. Primary reason for the SIG existence will be to
improve the state of High performance computing related packages on
CentOS and similar distributions, with special focus on stability of
builds, CentOS (and similar distribution) related improvements for
OpenHPC project and getting new HPC packages packaged for CentOS and/or

Initial members would be me (ovasik at redhat.com, CentOS FAS account:
Reset), Adrian Reber (areber at redhat.com, CentOS FAS account: areber),
Stanislav Kozina (skozina at redhat.com, CentOS FAS account: ersin)
and Jan Chaloupka (jchaloup at fedoraproject.org, CentOS FAS account:
jchaloup). Of course, anyone is welcome to join.

Thanks in advance for approving/sponsoring the SIG.

       Ondrej Vasik