[CentOS-devel] Plan for releasing CentOS CR into CBS and CI

Thomas Oulevey

thomas.oulevey at cern.ch
Thu Aug 31 12:55:48 UTC 2017


On 08/31/17 12:18, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> x86_64 and ppc64 and ppc64le are ready to go, can we get those into CBS
> and CI and let aarch64 catchup ? It does not look like Jim's anywhere
> near closing that off.
> Thomas, any options you can think through here ?

We can disable aarch64 and enable CR on specific tags if needed.

And then merge the aarch64 build, but it will be a lot of work on us.

It depends on the SIG deliverable.

I know virt SIG qemu-kvm-ev project needs CR to be able to be ready for
7.4 release day. That's an easy target as we are speaking about few
packages and only rebuilds/unbranding from RH.

However I don't think we could do that for cloud SIG Openstack without
adding a lot of confusion but I may be wrong.


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