[CentOS-devel] What is the state of glusterfs-server on CentOS 6?

Mon Jun 18 12:39:36 UTC 2018
Carl T. Miller <carl at carltm.com>

Very nice.  Thanks for the info.  I plan to go with 3.12 for now,
then upgrade to CentOS 7 later.


On 06/18/2018 08:36 AM, Kaleb S. KEITHLEY wrote:
> On 06/18/2018 08:08 AM, Carl T. Miller wrote:
>> I'm a little confused about  the state of glusterfs-server on CentOS 6.
>> It isn't supported with gluster 4, the current recommended version
>> of gluster.
> There are no glusterfs-server-4.x packages provided for CentOS6[1].
> Besides the usual "run the latest version" advice, I'm not sure who is
> saying GlusterFS-4.x is recommended. My advice — when you're setting up
> a new cluster — is to install the latest available version for your
> platform.
>> I have an existing server with glusterfs-server 3.8.15-1 which had a
>> hard drive crash.  So I'd like to rebuild the gluster environment on that
>> server.  I see that centos-release-gluster38 is available, but I read some-
>> where that it is no longer supported.
> That's correct. GlusterFS-3.8 reached EOL on 2017-08-30[2]. That simply
> means that if you have non-trivial problems with it, the first (only)
> suggestion will be to update to a newer, supported, version.
>> Also centos-release-gluster312
>> is available, but I don't see any indication that it is still supported.
> GlusterFS-3.12 has not reached EOL yet[2].
>> Is the SIG providing any ongoing support beyond that which is provided
>> by the gluster project?
> The SIG only distributes RPMs, it does not provide support. _Support_
> for community/upstream GlusterFS is available on the mailing list,
> mailto:gluster-users at gluster.org, and on IRC in #gluster on Freenode.
>> What is the current recommendation of the storage sig for running
>> glusterfs-server on CentOS 6?
> GlusterFS-3.12 is the only full, non-EOL version of GlusterFS for CentOS
> 6. [2] hasn't been updated yet to reflect that GlusterFS-3.10 has
> reached EOL; even so, you can still install it, subject to the same
> limitations outlined above.
> [1] https://docs.gluster.org/en/latest/Install-Guide/Community_Packages/
> [2] https://www.gluster.org/release-schedule/