[CentOS-devel] Building a package for RedHat

Trevor Hemsley

trevor.hemsley at ntlworld.com
Tue Mar 6 12:14:33 UTC 2018

On 06/03/18 12:04, dacav wrote:
> Say there's a problem, maybe some obscure bug at compiler level
> or so. Let's say that the GCC version in RedHat fixed that bug.
> CentOS has not exactly the same version (and here's my little
> doubt: in theory it should be slightly behind, right?) In our
> scenario that bug is not fixed for CentOS but it is for RedHat.

In normal circumstances, CentOS repackages, rebuilds and releases
upstream Redhat updates within hours. I don't remember there being a
delay of more than a couple of days in most cases. The only time that
this changes is at a new point release when it's necessary to wait for
all of the hundreds of packages involved to be rebuilt and released at
the same time. The procedure in this case is that they are all built and
then the "CR" yum repository is populated with those updates and it's
made available to all. The CR repo is disabled by default so it's an
opt-in process to get those new updates at that time. Recent point
releases have taken a few days to go from RHEL-release to CR
availability, pretty sure always less than a week.

Once the iso images are built and tested, which usually takes another
week or so for those to be released and it's only when that happens that
the standard yum repos - base and updates - get the new point release
packages and everyone gets the new packages.

Otherwise, if you find a CentOS package that doesn't behave exactly the
same way as the RHEL equivalent package of the same version number then
it's a bug and you should inform the team via a bugs.centos.org entry.


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