[CentOS-devel] Azure cli in cbs ?

Mon Oct 8 20:06:53 UTC 2018
Stephen Zarkos <Stephen.Zarkos at microsoft.com>


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> Karanbir Singh
> Hi,
> There was some movement towards getting the Azure cli ( az ) into a cbs
> repo, any news on that ?

I'm not sure if someone else is working on this.  I spoke with the Azure CLI team and they are currently using packages.microsoft.com to install their RPM [1].  One of their key requirements is that they have a fairly agile/quick release cycle, so using our repo for their RPM(s) seems to work well for them.

But there's no reason to publish both places other than overhead.  Did you have customers asking for this, or some other requirement to have this in CBS?


[1]: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cli/azure/install-azure-cli-yum?view=azure-cli-latest