[CentOS-devel] Upcoming changes to git.centos.org are now in staging

Thu Oct 25 16:25:39 UTC 2018
Jim Perrin <jperrin at centos.org>

In August, the CentOS Project and Fedora announced the intention to
combine their dist-git sources, and since then Fabian Arrotin of CentOS
and Patrick Uiterwijk of Fedora have worked to make that happen. Last
week at the CERN dojo, they demonstrated this work, and today we’d like
to welcome community testing of it. We’ll be keeping this content
updated, so you'll be able to continue to track sources appropriately.

You can help us by testing the new system, providing feedback, and
contributing additional tooling to help improve the overall state of the


Currently git.stg.centos.org and src.stg.fedoraproject.org are linked
via RepoSpanner[1], and sharing common repositories. Packagers for the
roughly 6700 common packages in both communities will see the additional

For the Fedora community, there should be no changes required for the
day to day operation of dist-git or packaging.

CentOS community members will note that the platform change to pagure
brings a variety of new features, including a new API[2] , a new UI,
pull requests, and issue tracking. The current tooling for CentOS
sources will continue to work (after updating to the staging server) and
we plan to add support for tooling for centpkg, which would mirror the
functionality found in fedpkg.

In the coming weeks we'll be putting out  documentation around the
expected uses for pull requests, and the issue tracking features within
pagure, as we don't intend it to replace bugs.centos.org.

Permissions and ownership:

There are protections enabled to prevent either community from
accidentally overwriting code from the other, so only CentOS community
members will be able to push to c#-* branches, while only Fedora
community members can push to f#*/epel#* branches. With the new dynamic
ACL validation in place, CentOS SIG members will automatically get the
rights to push on their specific branches.

While the repositories and content are shared between the communities,
authentication is not. To push to c# branches, you will have to
authenticate against accounts.centos.org. Similarly Fedora community
members will continue to authenticate against accounts.fedoraproject.org.

1. https://github.com/repoSpanner/repoSpanner
2. https://git.stg.centos.org/api/0/

Jim Perrin
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