[CentOS-devel] What is the preferred approach to get golang >= 1.9.4 in buildroots in the CBS?

Tue Oct 30 12:26:43 UTC 2018
Fabian Arrotin <arrfab at centos.org>

On 30/10/18 13:16, Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On 30/10/18 10:05, Niels de Vos wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems that the golang version (1.8) in the CentOS build (base?)
>> repository is not recent enough to build one of the Gluster components.
>> GlusterD2-5.0 needs golang >= 1.9.4.
>> There is a build of golang-1.10.2-1.el7 in the CBS, but that is only for
>> x86_64, and I would need a version that has ppc64le and aarch64 as well.
>> Early on, golang was included in CentOS Extras, is that a possible
>> location to keep a more recent version?
>> Thanks,
>> Niels
> Hi Niels,
> golang 1.9.4 is available in base repo for all arches, like aarch64 and
> ppc64le :
>  *
> http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/os/ppc64le/Packages/golang-1.9.4-1.el7.ppc64le.rpm
>  *
> http://mirror.centos.org/altarch/7/os/aarch64/Packages/golang-1.9.4-1.el7.aarch64.rpm
> So do you mean that a gluster build is failing at your side ? if so,
> haven't you in the past tagged a specific golang build for your
> tags/targets ? if so that would explain why it ignores the base packages
> but instead would use the tagged version
> Can you verify this ?

Per discussion with Kkeithley in #centos-devel, but pasting here for
everybody ::

arrfab: cbs list-tagged storage7-gluster-common-candidate
                                           arrfab: let me explain how to
find that
arrfab: your build : https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=595140

arrfab: from that you see the build target, pointing then to
https://cbs.centos.org/koji/taginfo?tagID=1623        │
 and then you see the inheritance
arrfab: and one (storage7-gluster-common-candidate) has that specific
golang tagged                                 arrfab: so untag it, and
next build, it will use the one from repo/os instead of that specific
version that tdawson tagged in the past


Hope that this helps .. Adding also that on the wiki so that people can
find it if needed
Fabian Arrotin
The CentOS Project | https://www.centos.org
gpg key: 56BEC54E | twitter: @arrfab

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