[CentOS-devel] Minutes for CentOS Board of Directors 2019-11-13 Meeting

Tue Dec 31 23:13:39 UTC 2019
Young, Gregory <gregory.young at solarwinds.com>

+1 to observers as well.

Gregory Young

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On Fri, Dec 13, 2019, 14:14 Tim Bell <Tim.Bell at cern.ch<mailto:Tim.Bell at cern.ch>> wrote:

Thanks for the updates and all of the directors efforts in the direction of more transparency. These initiatives do take time to evolve and from our side, we appreciate the work which is going on.

One possible option for the future would be to provide observer status for the board meetings. This would allow interested parties to listen in and follow the activities. My experience of open source project board meetings is that this also helps for those who might be interested to get involved in project governance to understand the discussions (and in some cases determine there are other areas they would prefer to devote their efforts :-)

+1 to observers.

And thank you to the board for having these hard conversations about transparency, and being willing to admit past failings and move forward boldly.
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