[CentOS-devel] Unshipped -devel packages in CentOS Linux

Wed Nov 6 18:44:21 UTC 2019
Pablo Sebastián Greco <pgreco at centosproject.org>

El 6/11/19 a las 14:35, Brian Stinson escribió:
> I'd also like to discuss how we populate this repo/module. It would be
> easiest to just dump every unshipped package in and move on, but that
> doesn't help us track which of these packages are truly important
> outside of building the distro.  Shipping*everything*  also represents a
> larger content set to manage if lifecycle issues come up in the future.
> An alternative would be to store this definition in git (we'll need to
> do that anyways), and allow folks to make pull requests to include new
> content, shipping this as a separate repo would let us spin updates on
> demand.

I would love to see *Everything*, but it could be problematic with 
modules like python36 (blacklisting all the python2 rpms) and python27 
(blacklisting all the python3 rpms)