[CentOS-devel] CBS and SIGs consuming CentOS 8 / Stream

Matthias Runge

mrunge at matthias-runge.de
Thu Oct 17 16:24:10 UTC 2019

On 02/10/2019 17:07, Thomas Oulevey wrote:
> Hi Folks,

> 2/ CentOS 8 buildroot
> When 1/ is done we can create an C8 buildroot without enabling the 
> Appstream repo.
> Due to the nature of Appstream, and how koji uses mergerepo 
> (--koji)/updaterepo/mock, more work is needed to get a working buildroot.
> I don't fully understand the underlying issue so comments are very 
> welcome to enlighten us !
> One of the solution found by Fedora team is to split Appstream per 
> repository and enable only the one needed in a specific buildroot [3].
> We are evaluating the tools. And see if we can use koji external-repo or 
> tag inheritance to achieve it (which is mbox solution [4])
> However for a community build service, we don't know exactly what people 
> will build and what Appstream packages will be needed in each buildroot 
> (we have 290 targets at this time for C7). So we still need time and new 
> ideas :-)
> * Status: Investigating possible solutions.


since I keep hearing interest of building SIG packages for CentOS 8, is
there an update on this topic?


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