[CentOS-devel] CentOS 8 srpms and debuginfos

Dominique Martinet

dominique.martinet at cea.fr
Wed Sep 25 14:27:42 UTC 2019


(Welcome to supporting a new distro hell -- thanks for all the work
getting CentOS 8 out and everything involved)

As usual, I come myself needing some debuginfo packages pretty fast, and
found that both debuginfo.centos.org and vault.centos.org (and thus
their mirrors either) are yet to have any 8 directory (8.0.1905 or

For the srpms, since I've already been told twice I've finally
remembered I could get them on git.centos.org e.g. 

For the debuginfos I can obviously just rebuild what sources I got
locally and carry on.

So this isn't a pressing question at all, but when are the two estimated
to become more broadly available ?

(Will the 'Stream' version work the same? git.centos.org does not have a
c8-stream branch, for example, so it might just be a binary dump of some
internal rhel git?)


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