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Bonjour (in english: Hi)

Jusqu'à maintenant on pensait que Fedora était le laboratoire de RedHat.

Si à présent Il y a un "Centos Stream" qui joue ce rôle, comment se situe-t-il par rapport à Fedora ? (qui dépend aussi de RedHat)

english try:

Till now one thought that Fedora was the laboratory for RedHat.
If there is now a "Centos Stream" which plays this role, how does it take place between these both which depend also on RedHat ?

    Le Wed Sep 25 2019 10:46:55 GMT+0200 (CEST), Ljubomir Ljubojevic <centos at plnet.rs> a écrit :  
 On 9/25/19 10:30 AM, Alex wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm Alex Iribarren, another member of the Linux team at CERN, along with
> Daniel Abad and Ben Morrice.
> We'd like to understand the relationship between CentOS Stream and
> CentOS 8.x. Are we to assume that 8.x releases will be "snapshots" of
> CentOS Stream, released at regular intervals? If so, at what frequency?

Hi Alex. No, you missunderstood.

As Jim Perrin wrote:
"They are two separate distributions. Currently CentOS Stream and CentOS
Linux differ only slightly, but this will change in the future."

CentOS Stream will be development distro for next RHEL minor (and later
major) version.

Once Red Hat releases RHEL, CentOS project will rebuild it and release
CentOS, just like it did so far.

> Best regards,
> Alex
> On 9/24/19 8:24 PM, Jim Perrin wrote:
>> Okay, now that the release is out, and everything is announced properly.
>> I'm happy to answer questions about Stream.
>> Short version is: We're working with RHEL leadership to help make RHEL
>> development more transparent and collaborative with community engagement.
>> Lots of the engineering work is still "TBD" to make this happen, because
>> we wanted to design/develop this in public collaboration with RH as
>> possible.
>> On 9/24/19 5:45 AM, Lamar Owen wrote:
>>> So, now that Earth has caught up to the TARDIS......
>>> Would someone from the CentOS team like to explain CentOS Streams?  I
>>> saw an article at The NewStack yesterday that gave some info; oddly
>>> enough that article is giving a 404 right now, but Google still has it
>>> in cache.  But Johnny's statement a few days ago, and then this
>>> announcement, makes this new CentOS Streams business look interesting.
>>> I see a new directory on the mirrors called 8-stream with interesting
>>> content......
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