[CentOS-devel] https://blog.centos.org/2020/12/future-is-centos-stream/

Thu Dec 10 13:09:00 UTC 2020
Leon Fauster <leonfauster at googlemail.com>

Am 10.12.20 um 13:48 schrieb Dan Seguin:
> Yes, yes they do. This is what this bizarre squeeze is all about.

Not sure. My impression is that; they expect that the big players, ISV, 
etc that contribute to CStream will make RHEL better and stable.

Making such calculation without integrating the impact of all that
smaller contributions that is done by the CentOS community will result
in a wrong outcome. This math is really not complicated ?

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> *WE* aren't doing development and testing! We're running systems that 
> are trying to get work done. The whole POINT of CentOS was a recompile 
> of the Open Source parts of RHEL. A stable *Enterprise* level operating 
> system.
> Do you people not understand that??